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[IIDOOL]Calf Band (Tense-Band)
1. Product name: Calf Band (Tense-Band)
2. Size, S, M, L, XL
3. Length: 27-29 cm (10.6 – 11.4 in.)
4. Material: Protein fiber, Cotton / Natural Latex / Polyester
5. Country of origin: South Korea
6. Manufacturer: IIDOOL Co., Ltd. / www.iidool.com
How to use and size information:
1. The straight part must be aligned with the shinbone (tibia). The protruding part must go towards the calf muscles.
2. Wear them as if you are wearing your socks. Pull them upwards. 3. To take them off, grab from the top and pull downwards (they will turn inside out).
Product Type
1. The Calf Band is made with patented fabric which helps reduce body fat.
2. Material:
- Lining: Protein fiber + cotton
- Middle layer: Natural latex
- Outer layer: Polyester
3. The natural latex layer contracts/relaxes the muscles continuously with every move.
4. Antibacterial effects thanks to the protein fiber as inner lining.
Product effect
1. In case of rashes and/or skin irritations, wash the product inside-out (especially the protein fiber area) using a fabric softener. Stop using the product if rashes and/or skin irritations persist (you can use the Calf Band over socks, stockings, etc.)
2. Had-wash the Calf Band inside-out using warm water (air-dry them inside-out).

3. Keep the product in a dry and cool area. Do not apply or heat the product.
4. If you feel uncomfortable or your legs get sweaty after using the Calf Band for many hours, pull them down and continue using them after taking a break.