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Attachable Sunglasses for Caps (Sunclip)
IIDOOL Sunglasses have been patented as innovative technology in the US.
They are manufactured in Korea and exported to the rest of the world.
Functional lens approved by many world-famous pro golfers as they have actually
used them during their practices and tournaments.
1. You can block all UV rays while doing outdoor activities (Blocked UV Rays: 99.9%)
2. Use with your cap when watching or practicing sports (baseball, golf, fishing, cycling, etc.) for more comfort.
3. You can always keep you face cool and fresh, even when sweating, as the glasses do not touch your face.
4. Safe from external shocks thanks to the polycarbonate material used.
5. Material: Frame/Lens: Polycarbonate
How to use and size information:
1. Attach the clip on both sides of the bill (visor).
2. Adjust the width of the clip according to the bill (visor) and attach the sunglasses.
3. Adjust the angle of the clip.
4. Size: Width of the bill (visor) 150-160 mm/5.9-6.3 in.
Product Type
Characteristics of IIDOOL Polarized Lens
1. Other regular polarized sunglasses have between 5 and 7 layers. However, IIDOOL Polarized Lens have 11 layers.
2. Excellent lens to protect your eyes from damaging UV Rays. Strong lens against shocks and scratches as well as color protection.
3. IIDOOL Polarized Lens have passed strict tests conducted my government-approved testing labs, and have provide 99.9% protection against UV Rays (less than 1% of UV Rays can pass through the lens).